5 Things to look forward to at Withrow Market!

By Arjie de Chavez

It’s finally springtime, and around the corner is my favourite season: farmers’ market season! Summertime weather is pretty great too, but nothing beets (a little market pun for you!) the fresh local produce our Ontario farmers bring in, or the delectable pastries, delicacies and other goodies our beloved food vendors create! This year Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is celebrating its 13th season, and there are so many things to anticipate. Swaddling in the fence of Greektown and the Leslieville neighbourhoods, Withrow Park comes alive with family and friends (fur-babies included) enjoying all the things we have missed during winter. Here are five things to look forward to:


It’s an obvious one, but without the “farmers” our market wouldn’t exist! Without a doubt, they are the bridge to our local food goodness! Over the season prepare yourselves once again to get the freshest produce our farmer friends provide. From heritage eggs and tomatoes, free-range meat, different varieties of mushrooms, herbs, radishes, summer squashes, and more; you’ll be sure to eat well this summer!


Summer is a short season, so we tend to live life fleetingly, enjoying and indulging! That’s where our talented bakers and pastry makers come in, putting extra sweetness and satisfaction in our lives. Our varied baked goods vendors will have something for everybody: gluten-free, vegan and nut-free; and everyone else’s different levels of cravings! I, myself, cannot wait until I get my hands on some of MotherDough’s xuixos, a traditional Catalan custard-filled croissant: it’s as if a buttery croissant married a churro stuffed with custard, birthing a heavenly breakfast dessert!


For many of us, the farmers’ market is more than a place to shop; it is also a place for us to engage with friends and community members! The farmers’ market provides a reason to meet up and stay for a little, enjoying the weather while relishing in each other’s company. Summer is about lounging too, so it’s nice to sit on the grass, under a shade, eating the good food the market has provided with good company! It’s also a pretty great place to have your first date, because as Julia Child says, “People who love to eat are always the best people.”


It is unbelievable how many adorable and friendly dogs are around Withrow Park community! On market days while their humans do some shopping, the doggies of the neighbourhood get to enjoy the day too! For animal lovers with no pets at home, the market is a great place to make some new dog friends! Fun fact: Gemaro Bakery and Rob’s Good Food not only have treats for humans, but they also make healthy and delicious treats for dogs too!



Over the years the market has evolved to provide additional activities throughout the season, and there is a lot more in store! Past markets included the Kids’ Stuff Swap, Corn Roast and the Makers’ Market; this season look out for the Kids’ Bike Exchange, Pollinator Party, Zero Waste Picnic, and more! To make sure you won’t miss a thing, check out the Event’s Page for market happenings!





– About the author: Arjie has been an active volunteer at Withrow Market over the past 4 years. She has an adventurous tastebud and loves trying foods from all over the world. You will most likely find Arjie around the market taking photos, petting some dogs, snacking and connecting with market vendors and patrons. 

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