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Motherdough Mill and Bakery

Motherdough Mill and Bakery is an artisanal bakery with production in Toronto at Dupont and Symington, established in 2005. We have baked for farmers’ markets around Toronto since the beginning. Our bakery is focused on highiquality, intensely process-oriented, small-batch baking of traditional forms of baked goods. We take many classes with master bakers across North America and Europe to learn new techniques and constantly improve on what we do. We have a stone mill and with it we mill organic grains to make the whole hard wheat, soft wheat, spelt, rye, corn, kamut and buckwheat flours that we use. In addition to our grains, most ingredients are organic.

Crops: Whole grain sourdough breads, croissants, brioche pastries, tarts, pies and savoury baked goods

Baked in: Toronto (see map)

Zero waste options: Participates in the reusable dishware and cutlery program. Bring your own (BYO) bags and containers for take home, package-free, baked goods.



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