Wholesome Deelights

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Wholesome Deelights

Wholesome DeeLights makes fresh artisanal foods that taste like treats yet healthy. They’re lovingly hand crafted in small batches of high quality natural ingredients without all of the sugar, salt, oils, fillers, preservatives, and artificial ingredients that are often used in mass produced items.

Availability: Part-time: June 1, June 15, July 6, September 14, and October 5. Please check our newsletter for availability. 

Zero-waste practices: We encourage people to bring their own bags, reducing our impact on trees and water by providing recycled paper bags only upon request and not giving out paper brochures/business cards, etc. On every jar, we let people know that we happily welcome returned jars. We specifically choose wider mouth glass jars so they are easy to clean which makes it easy for people to wash and reuse. We have also partnered with local artisans to beautifully decorate the jars, encouraging people to keep the jars and display / reuse them. All of our jar labels use non coated paper so that they break down easily.

In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, e-transfer, Cash

Products: Nut/seed butters in various bases and flavour combinations ex. Chocolate Hazelnut, Pecan Cinnamon Bun, Dark Chocolate Black Sesame, Pure Black Sesame Tahini, etc – Flavours include Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Plain, Spicy, etc – Nut bases include pecan, hazelnut, black sesame, cashew, pumpkin, walnut, sunflower, etc Tomato Walnut Pesto Nut/seed smoothies in various nut bases Ex. Black sesame smoothie, etc Roasted nuts / seeds – Everything Spice – Tamari Trail Mix – Sweet Chili

Location:  Danforth