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Kardaras Estates

We at Kardaras Estates are the farmer and purveyor of a multi-generational family farm, with our grove established by our great great grandfather in the 1900s. Many of our young trees recently matured, and we began selling our incredible oil through the youngest generation of our family in 2020! Our organic, premium, locally packaged and bottled olive oil is a single varietal and a very low acidity level (.3 percent, as compared to the industry standard of .8 percent) makes our olive oil both flavourful and richly aromatic, and of the highest purity. Our packaging is fully recyclable and reusable and we accept our bottles to be returned to us for reuse. We only sell our most recent harvest, which from what we can tell so far is really what sets us apart from many other olive oil producers. We are one of the only olive oil farmers in Canada selling our oil directly to consumers and not through wholesale channels with opportunities to tamper with the high-quality oil. Through us, you can source your oil down to the actual olive tree!

Availability: Bi-weekly availability starting June 3. For exact dates, check out our newsletter.
(Dates may change without notice. Please visit the weekly vendor chart on our home page for the most up to date information)
Pre-order Option(s): Send message via Facebook or Instagram
In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, E-transfer, Cash
Zero Waste Options: Bring your own shopping bags. Return clean bottles for reuse.

Organic Olive Oil and Olives

Growing methods: Non‑Certified Organic

Location: Toronto / Greece