Gemaro Bakery

Vendor Description

Gemaro Bakery

Gemaro Bakery specializes in Top 8 allergen free/ plant-based Loaves, Bagels, Belgian Waffles, Buns, Treats, Cookies, Biscottis and seasonal offerings. Everyone should be able to have a cookie and enjoy eating it toooooooo!

  • Availability: Every Saturday, except July 2, July 30, September 3
  • Pre-order Option: gemarobakery.com
  • In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, Cash
  • Zero waste option(s): Bring your own (BYO) containers and bags for pastries, ask for a plate if dining at the park, borrow a Muuse container for takeout.

All Season: Breads, bagels, pastries, cookies, biscottis, waffle, pizza crust & crackers
Spring (June): Rhubarb tarts, and asparagus quiche
Summer (July & August): strawberry crumble, summer veggie tarts/pizza,
Autumn (September & October): harvest crumble, pumpkin tarts, hot cross buns, apple pies, hallowe’en haunted houses, maple cookies

Food Allergens: We are a dedicated facility free of gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, peanuts, tree nuts & sesame

Location: 149 Main Street, Toronto