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Eastend Vegan

Eastend Vegan brings to you Nut-Quite Cheeze, a super delicious spreadable dairy-free cheese made out of 5 ingredients we’re all familiar with: almonds, water, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, garlic and pink Himalayan salt. We keep packaging and processing sustainable by using glass jars, while using our excess materials to create new products like lemon pepper crackers.

Availability: Part-time. Check out our newsletter to find out who will be at the market this week.
Pre-order Option: Local Line – Sunday morning to Wednesday night.
Payment Option(s): Cash, Debit, Credit

Products/Crops: Nut-Quite Cheeze, Patty Crust Crackers, Nut-Quite Parm

Location: Scarborough


East End Vegan