Duxbury Cider

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The Duxbury Cider Co.

In 2007, Duxbury Cider started sharing their love of cider to showcase the true value of locally produced apples. We use apples from our neighbours in the Georgian Bay region, which is a unique growing area for rare varieties due to its microclimate. Our suppliers use natural practices in managing their orchards. We ferment, filter and package all our ciders on James’ family farm using traditional processes. We are an equal-opportunity employer. Our cider family includes LGBTQ+ and we make efforts to source ingredients from BIPOC and First Nations communities, most recently from local Anishinaabe apiaries.

We plan to offer six varieties of cider this upcoming season. Traditional ciders include our Heritage 1650, and its semi-sweet cousin Pomme D’eau. Naturally flavoured ciders will include Rose Petal and Honey, Blackcurrant, and our popular dry hop-steeped cider. We also plan to debut our first bottle-conditioned Bourbon Vanilla cider. We hope to have a seventh inspired by your community! All our products are gluten free and vegan (except for our Honey seasonals).

Availability: Biweekly – Starting June 10. Please check our newsletter to find out who will be at the market every week!

In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, E-transfer, Cash

Zero Waste Options: Return bottles to the Beer Store

Products/Crops: Alcoholic ciders

Location: 265659, Side Rd 25, Meaford, ON