Crooked Farmz

Vendor Description

Crooked Farmz

We are an urban microfarm located in Toronto that produces high quality small-batch composts and vermicomposts for use in brewing fresh actively-aerobic compost teas. These are sold across the city by CSA subscription and at farmers’ markets for use in home gardening and urban agriculture, as well as in larger quantities to professional horticulturists and urban farmers.

Availability: Part-time. Please refer to our newsletter to find out when Crooked Farmz will be at the market!
Pre-order Option: localline.ca/crookedfarmz
In-person Payment Option(s): E-transfer, Cash
Zero waste options: Return mason jars for reuse.

Products/Crops: Aerobic compost teas
Growing methods: Non‑Certified Organic
Location: East York