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Willy Bee Honey

At Willy Bee Honey we specialize in raw, unpasteurized honey that people enjoy eating, but is also great in cooking, baking and beverages. The bees are top priority and only once they have what they need to survive the winter do we remove the excess honey that is produced. Our location is sandwiched between two nature reserves (The Seaton Trail and The Rouge National Urban Park,) allowing the bees to collect most of their nectar and pollen in a natural setting from wildflowers and a wide variety of native trees. As a result of the environment and care, our bees create an exquisitely robust, yet delicate and fragrant, white honey. We also sell creamed honey and comb honey.

Availability: Part-time.

Please check our newsletter for availability. 

In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, E-transfer, Cash


All season: Honey and creamed honey.

Summer and Fall:  Comb Honey 

Location:  Toronto