Vendor Description


Beytoot (Lebanese-Arabic translation for homemade) crafts authentic Lebanese dips as eaten in the heart of Beirut. Our authentic dips include the traditional Lebanese Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Muhammara (Red pepper & walnut dip) and Toom (Garlic dip). Our dips follow 100% authentic recipes, are vegan, use local ingredients when in season and are packaged in compostable containers.

We launched Beytoot in 2021, a year after we immigrated to Toronto to celebrate the traditions in which everyday Lebanese food staples are lovingly crafted. We are delighted to share these folk recipes with you that are inspired by stories nurtured through generations. We invite you, your families and your loved ones to try Beytoot and explore the charming splendor of Lebanon through our dips.

  • Availability: June 25, July 16, July 30, August 20, September 3 (Dates may change without notice. Please visit the weekly vendor chart on our home page for the most up to date information)
  • Pre-order Option(s): beytoot.ca/shop
  • In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, Cash

Toom (garlic dip), Muhammara (Red Pepper & Walnut Dip), Baba Ghanouj, Hummus

Food Allergens: This vendor uses a shared kitchen and cannot guarantee possible contamination with food allergens. Items may contain dairy, eggs, gluten, traces of nuts. For a list of ingredients, questions or concerns please contact this vendor directly.

Location: Toronto (see map)