Wish List

Wish list

We work hard to keep costs low and also to purchase new only when needed. We love to reuse and reduce! Please help if you can. We update this list often as items are needed/received. The photos below are just for reference. Email us withrowmarket[at]gmail.com if you are able to donate any of the below items. If possible, please include a photo of your donation.

bungee cords

white card stock paper

white card stock paper

hanging shoe holder

hanging shoe holder

coloured card stock paper

coloured card stock paper

All types of tape (masking, duck, scotch, packing, etc)

chalk (skinny)

label sheets – any size or shape

velcro tape

roll-up camping table

staple gun and staples

folding step ladder (2 or 3 steps)

paint brushes

iPad or tablet

iPad or tablet

Key ID tags

HP 63 ink cartridge – black and/or colour

tablecloth clamps

chalk markers

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