Motherdough Mill and Bakery

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Motherdough Mill and Bakery

Motherdough Mill & Bakery is an organic bakery with a stone mill. We mill our own organic locally sourced grains to make the flours we use. With these fresh, whole flours we make sourdough-based, long-fermented pastries and breads, including croissants, brioche, tarts and traditional hearth loaves of bread and baguette. Sign up for Motherdough’s newsletter to receive the weekly menu.

Availability: Every Saturday
In-person Payment Option(s): Cash, Debit, Credit
Zero Waste Options: Bring your own tote bags, containers or bread bags for pastries and bread.

Products: Croissant pastries- sweet and savoury, brioche pastries- sweet and savoury, whole grain sourdough breads, tarts – sweet and savoury, brownies, cookies, granola, vegan empanadas. All of our grains and most of everything else we source are organic. Anything that is not organic is labelled.
Food Allergens: We cannot guarantee this food is free of common food allergens as we use gluten, nuts and dairy in our kitchen space. Please contact this vendor directly for further questions.

Location: Toronto



Pastry from Motherdough