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Withrow Market Coffee

Feel good coffee! Volunteer-run, low-waste & delicious!

Our coffee booth has been providing community volunteers with positive and beneficial opportunities season after season. From high school students completing their school volunteer hours and learning practical skills to newcomers practicing language skills and acquiring Canadian experience. Our coffee booth wouldn’t be possible without these individuals running it every Saturday with a smile. Grabbing your morning cup of java at Withrow Market contributes to a shared community experience. And since Withrow Park Farmers’ Market is a registered non-profit organization 100% of the revenue is reinvested back into the market’s operations!

Not only do we serve up a great cup of coffee but we also try to do it with sustainability in mind and minimal waste. That’s why we don’t offer disposable coffee cups. Customers are encouraged to bring your own (BYO) cup/mug or borrow an insulated Muuse cup by downloading the free app. We also source most of the products in returnable/reusable packaging from our friends at bare market, from the coffee beans to the milk and cream!

Availability: Every Saturday – rain or shine!
In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, Cash
Zero Waste Options: Customers must bring your own (BYO) or borrow a Muuse cup. Disposable cups are not provided.

Extra dark roast from Propeller Coffee – a nod to traditional dark roasts. Carefully sourced and roasted to feature smooth body, bold intensity, and a clean finish. A reliable and refined everyday cup. Tasting Notes: Cocoa + Smoky + Molasses

  • Locally Roasted
  • Direct Trade Beans
  • B Corp Certified
  • Brazil 100%

Optional: organic cane sugar, organic milk, organic cream, oat milk or almond milk.

Muuse Insulated Cup – Forgot to bring your own travel mug or cup? No problem! Download the Muuse app and then borrow a reusable cup from the Coffee Tent for free. Muuse cups can be used at our Coffee Tent and with any of the vendors offering beverages. Return used dishes to the Coffee Tent or one of 20+ drop-off locations within 30 days.

The Muuse app helps you borrow reusable cups and takeout containers, just like a library book! The app is completely free to download and use as long as you return your borrowed items. Download & Sign-up Today! 





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