Introducing our Market Manager

Laura Scrivener


Laura is a lifelong Toronto resident with a deep passion for using food to bring communities together. With a strong commitment to creating equitable and just spaces that promote community sovereignty, Laura is thrilled for the opportunity to work with the community at the Withrow Park Farmer’s Market. With her experiences as a farmer, Laura understands the importance of connecting sustainable local food producers with passionate customers.

In addition to her professional background, Laura is dedicated to supporting her community through volunteer work in mental health peer support and her volunteer work in supporting urban agriculture in Toronto. She is committed to cultivating Toronto’s resilience to climate change by creating ample opportunities for locals to grow their own food. In her free time, she enjoys photography, canning, baking, crochet, and growing her own food garden. Laura is excited to continue expanding the Withrow Park Farmer’s Market’s zero waste policies and practices through programming as well as new workshops and events focused on mending, preserving food, and saving seeds.

Laura’s passion for community building and sustainable food practices makes her an excellent fit for the role at the Withrow Park Farmer’s Market, and she is eager to support the vendors and customers alike throughout the upcoming season.