Vendor Description


WREN brands is a conscious dog snack company. Your dog’s health and happiness is our top priority. The WREN brands SNAX collection is made using top quality ingredients; healthy, natural, low calorie and preservative-free with no additives. The WREN brands SNAX collection is specially crafted In Riverside for discerning canines to make these the essential snack staple for all dog pantries.

Our artisanal fruit and vegetables are 100% natural, one ingredient chewy treats. The biscuits are uniquely crafted with an elegant combination of superfoods, made to be crunchy to preserve the integrity of all ingredients.

Order online for home delivery. Free same-day delivery if ordered by noon. Look for new products for the coming months especially for Christmas!

Foods: dog treats (Japanese Sweet Potato Barks, Sweet Potato Barks/Sticks, Fish Bites, Apple Scruffs, 5 types of biscuits)

Created in: Toronto, ON (see map)