Vendor Description

The Fresh Veggies

the fresh veggies farm is located on 26 acres of fine soil, forest and creek just a few kilometres from Lake Erie. We grow and sell our Certified Organic Produce through 3 farmers’ markets, specialty retailers, and a CSA box. We use 65 HP tractor and other tools to prep the fields and are moving towards a no-till/minimum-till system. We grow 32 kinds of vegetables and fruits. In total over 120 amazing tasting varieties. We have been growing for 12+ years as a Certified Organic farm. Learn more about Farmer Bob and the fresh veggies farm in Country Guide Magazine.  

Availability: Every Saturday
Pre-order Option: Local Line – Sunday morning to Wednesday night.
In-person Payment Option(s): Debit, Credit, Cash, E-Transfer

Products/Crops: Beets, Carrots, Onions, Potatoes, Radishes, Shallots, Sweet Potatoes, Turnips, Beans, Blueberries, Cucumbers, Melons, Peas, Squash, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Melons & Watermelons, Zucchini, Chard, Collards, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach, Herbs, Brussels Sprouts, Peanuts, Celery, Sunflowers, Rosemary, Chives (garlic and onions)

Growing methods: Certified Organic
Location: Rodney, ON

Crops sourced from other farms: corn and dry black beans

Zero waste options: Bring your own (BYO) bags and containers for produce.


the fresh veggies