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Fred’s Bread

At Fred’s Bread, all of our products are all natural, made without additives or preservatives. In 1994, in our tiny apartment kitchen, Andrea combined organic wheat flour and water with organic grapes to “start” the process of fermentation known as “sourdough”. Unlike commercial yeast, “sourdough starter” contains active wild yeasts that slow down the entire process of bread making and gives our bread its unique characteristics. Our dough is mixed gently, allowed to age and ripen at lower temperatures, over longer periods of time than most bread. This extra time and care combine to ensure the distinctive quality of each Fred’s Bread loaf; a crisp crust, a moist open crumb with great depth of flavour that stands on its own and tastes of the grain it was made from. Sharing and breaking bread together is, simply put, one of our greatest pleasures in life – and we hope to have a small part in making it special for you.

Availability: Every Saturday
Pre-order Option: None. In-person purchases only.
In-person Payment Option(s): Credit, Debit

Products/Crops: City Sourdough Batard and Baguette, Yukon Gold Potato Focaccia, Toronto’s Best Cheddar Cheese Boule, Ancient Grain Batard, Green Olive & Chipotle Batard, Basic White Baguette and Batard, Pain aux Noix Batard, Rustique Square Loaf, French White Baguette, Buckwheat Fruit and Nut Batard, Brioche Grill Bun, Cinnamon Brioche, Cheddar & Olive Stick, Rosemary Olive Oil Stick, Ontario Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Pizza, Ontario Shiitake, Thyme & Red Onion Pizza, Ontario Very Berry Pizza, Ontario Concord Grape Pizza, Ontario Zucchini Pizza, Ontario Tomato Bocconcini Pizza, Ontario Asparagus Pizza

Location: l45 Brisbane Road, Unit #13, North York


Fred's Bread